Thursday, December 9, 2010

  1. Describe (a) how your understandings for each the categories listed below changed based on your experiences this semester and (b) describe how this might impact your future teaching experiences.

    Assessing Prior Knowledge- this is hard to do in our classroom, but we went over a power point presentation and asked questions of the students. This allowed us to find out what our classmates know. This would also be useful to use in my future classroom. Another great idea is to have the students take a test that is not graded. Assessing students is very helpful to find out what you need to do to help your students.

    Planning Instruction- This was not at easy as it looks. We had different points of views on both what and how we should teach. It was a good learning experience on how to compromise. I had a lot of fun though. 

    Designing Instruction-  This was not bad at all. the hardest part was having to get the flowers for the project and Amanda S. Was so kind as to buy some for our project. This was one of the most fun!

    Planning Assessment-  This was also an easy area once we had completed the rest of the planning. We chose to make a rubric that would cover completion as well as creativity. This was one of the easy steps. We also did informal assessments while they worked on their books. 

    Instructional Decisions/Teaching-I learned that no matter how much you plan, something odd can go wrong. I was sick and could not talk to the whole class. I was forced to teach everyone in a lot of small groups. I was the only one who had learned the program so the rest of my groups could not help teach everyone when so I fell behind. But it turned out ok in the end i was able to get to everyone. next time  I would have my classmates learn my part for extra support.

    Assessment of Learning-This was a lot of fun. I really liked to see all the work. A lot of the centers were choice driven and their were a lot of creative ways to show the different parts of the flower. We used a rubric to make sure we graded fairly and made sure everyone had all parts. I will use both completeness and rubrics in my future classroom.

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