Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reflection by Amanda Proctor

Phase II

Instructional Decisions/Teaching: Describe and justify modifications made

  • for individual needs
    • I was forced to make adjustment for myself because I was sick.  I had lost my voice and could not teach whole group. I was forced to teach the students in small groups instead. It did not work as well but it was the best I could do! We also had set groups in the beginning of the class. Each set of students were at a specific table and they would rotate, this did not work as planned. Everyone was finishing at different times and therefore they all moved around in a more free and casual way.
  • to maintain alignment to goals and objectives
    • We had to remind everyone that they needed to go to all cents before the time was up. Because I was explaining the bar graph in small groups instead of whole class it seemed to take longer and our time was rushed. Yet I feel that we did stay on topic very well.

Assessment of Learning: Describe the evidence you have that indicates
  • your students' level of success in achieving the lessons goals
    • After the students had finished all the centers they made their work into a little book and decorated the cover. We were able to asses who did what as well as how much information they understood form each lesson. I was happy with the work that was turned in and feel that the students mastered the material.
  • the level of success you had in teaching the lesson
    • I feel that our lesson vent very well. I was surprised at how long making the bar graph took and would like to change that back to whole group. With individuals working in small groups it seemed their were too many questions directed at us to help them, in that aspect it was a little overwhelming. On the other hand I was sick, so maybe it was just me that felt that way! over all I really enjoyed teaching this lesson and would use this in my classroom one day!

Links to The Content Info;

  • From this link I was able to make the matching flash cards that was at one center.
  • This link is where we found tow of the worksheet for the students to do at centers

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